The product of 30 years of experience!

After 30 years of providing high-quality traditional food for dogs and cats, Nutrience developed the SubZero Raw line with the belief that natural raw food best meets our companions’ physiological needs.

Given the challenges involved in this endeavour, Nutrience has enlisted the services of Mackenzie Pet Food, a renowned Quebec-based company with extensive experience in raw food, to manufacture its products and manage brand operations.

Mackenzie Pet Food brings all its expertise and values to SubZero Raw to guarantee the highest quality raw food on the market.

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Photo prise à la diagonale d'un chien de face à la caméra sur la roche près de l'eau

Our Story

Mackenzie Pet Food was founded in 2008 by dog behaviour coach Sarah Gravel. After noticing that her dogs were experiencing health problems, she began researching and discovered natural food and all its promise.

The philosophy is simple: let dogs and cats eat as closely to their natural diet as possible—fresh meat, bones for dogs, and offal.

Convinced that this intuitive approach could work, Sarah Gravel put it to the test and soon saw incredible changes in her dogs’ health. So, she decided to share her findings with as many people as possible.

After many months of researching and studying with agronomists and veterinarians, she developed her first products, and then over the years, acquired a great deal of expertise in manufacturing balanced and well-proportioned frozen raw products.

That expertise convinced Nutrience to hand over SubZero Raw’s production and brand operations to Mackenzie Pet Food in 2021!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple:
to help your dogs and cats live longer and healthier lives thanks to a high-quality raw food in keeping with their nature.

Our Promise

We are passionate professionals committed to helping you make the transition to SubZero Raw and being there for you throughout your pet’s growth, in order to provide them with the best possible recipes made from fresh, whole ingredients.

Our Guarantee

Our Factory

In order to offer you the highest quality products and to guarantee the highest hygiene standards, we have invested in state-of-the-art equipment that guarantees rapid freezing to keep the products fresh in a perfectly controlled environment.

We never compromise on the quality of the ingredients we use. Our team goes above and beyond on a daily basis to surpass the standards of the Ministère de l’Agriculture des Pêcheries et de l’Alimentation (MAPAQ) in every respect and to guarantee the best practices, from receiving the raw materials to delivering the finished products.

You can make the switch to SubZero Raw with full confidence and discover how raw food can dramatically improve your pet’s health and vitality.

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