Why choose SubZero Raw?

SubZero Raw recipes are made with human food grade, humanely raised, antibiotic-free and hormone-free whole fish and meat from sustainable sources. They are manufactured according to the strictest food safety standards.

All manufacturers in the human grade food supply chain are required to implement an HACCP protocol, and we are proud to use the same standards.

We also operate a cold plating chain throughout all stages of production—from the raw material supplier to the store where we ship our finished products. So, you can rest assured that the ingredients in the medallions you purchase have been preserved at the perfect temperature throughout their processing. Before leaving the factory, each batch is tested for quality and safety, then safely transported to retailers in sub-zero temperatures.

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Also, the composition of the ingredients in our recipes stays intact because they aren’t subjected to the same heat treatment as dry and wet foods. This way, we are able to provide your pets with an optimized and balanced diet, free of vitamin supplements and synthetic minerals.

Our SubZero Raw formulas are highly digestible thanks to their all-natural ingredients and blend of prebiotics and probiotics, which support good intestinal health.

Lastly, each recipe’s diversified amino acid profile ease the transition to raw food by avoiding strict food rotations, unlike traditional raw foods. Our formulas are therefore complete, balanced and ready to serve to make mealtime easier!

How to make the transition to raw food?

Optimal health and the intestinal flora’s bacterial activity are two major concerns when making the transition from one type of diet to another, or from one protein to another.

Dogs and cats can experience digestive problems if they are quickly exposed to a new food, and they need time to get used to a new diet. That’s why we recommend a three-step transition to our SubZero Raw formulas:

We recommend that you keep adding a little warm water to the medallions if your pet has a more sensitive stomach. Contact our support team for more advice on transitioning your pet to raw food!

Loose stools and sometimes diarrhea is normal during the transition because your pet’s digestive system is getting used to the new food.

Natural food has a positive impact on the overall health of our companions. You’ll notice a shinier coat, healthy skin, better dental health, improved gastrointestinal health, increased energy levels and more!

Absolutely! You can feed your pet both types of food simultaneously. However, we don’t recommend mixing them together in one meal, since dry and raw foods aren’t digested at the same rate, which could cause digestive problems. Instead, we recommend feeding your pet the raw formula in the morning and the kibble in the evening.

We do not recommend cooking them with a microwave, oven or stove. Cooking alters the composition of the food and causes the medallion to lose 10–20% of its nutrient content. If you would like to reheat your pet’s meal, we recommend adding ½ cup of hot water.

You can start feeding your puppy or kitten raw food as early as 8 weeks. It’s the ideal time because your pet will get all the benefits of natural food as it grows. We recommend doubling the recommended portion of food until your puppy reaches its adult weight to maximize brain and immune system development.

Yes! A raw and balanced diet is the key to a healthy gestation. However, females need more food from the fourth week on, so it’s important to increase the daily portion as the due date approaches and according to the size of the litter. We invite you to contact our Canine Support for advice on the right amount to feed your pet.

We recommend offering 1⁄2 medallion daily for every 10 pounds that your companion weighs. However, it’s also important to consider your companion’s breed, age and activity level when figuring out how much to feed. Feel free to adjust the serving size according to your pet’s specific needs.

For kittens and puppies, you should double the daily portion until they reach weight or adulthood. They have greater nutritional needs to optimize growth.

Yes, all manufacturers in the human food grade supply chain are required to implement a HACCP protocol. SubZero Raw is proud to use the same standards to provide the best nutrition for your beloved pet.

Our formulas are designed to meet the AAFCO’s nutritional criteria for dog and cat health. Our formulas are complete, balanced and appropriate for pets’ nutritional needs. This means there’s no need to rotate your pet’s diet, since the goal of these rotations, scientifically speaking, is generally to compensate for nutritional deficiencies.

However, alternating proteins from time to time can benefit their health. Many allergies or intolerances are caused by repeated and continuous exposure to a particular food. Alternating proteins can prevent negative immune reactions from developing and provide a good supply of different nutrients.

All our recipes are made in small batches to keep our products fresh. We have also implemented the HACCP protocol to ensure food safety. To minimize the risk of salmonella, bacteriophages are added to all formulas containing chicken or duck, i.e. Fraser Valley and Chicken & Lamb. In addition, the majority of parasites and their related cysts do not survive being frozen in the raw ingredients and final products.

We test each batch for Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes. Salmonella testing is done in-house while Listeria monocytogenes testing is done at third-party laboratories. Only when the Salmonella test results are negative and the Listeria monocytogenes test results are within the acceptable range established by the CFIA, is the batch released to the market. E. coli or coliform colony counts are performed in-house for each batch.

To maximize the benefits, the added probiotics come from a variety of different strains. They remain in stasis until the thawed feed enters the animals’ digestive tract.

Absolutely! Raw foods contain between 60% and 70% water, which helps pets increase their hydration levels through their diet.

You can store our formulas in the freezer until the expiry date printed on the package. If your pet has not finished his meal within 15 minutes of thawing and serving it, you can transfer it to an airtight container and store it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. We recommend storing the medallion in a stainless steel, glass or ceramic container with a lid.

No. Since these are raw foods, you cannot refreeze the medallion after it has been thawed.

Professionals’ main concerns with a raw diet are the possibility of bacterial contamination from improper handling and possible nutrient deficiencies.

At SubZero Raw, we follow the strictest quality control protocols. Our factory exceeds MAPAQ standards and adheres to HACCP principles, guaranteeing the highest standards in food safety. We also maintain a cold plating chain throughout all stages of production to ensure that our products are under optimal temperature control. Each batch is thoroughly tested for quality and safety before leaving the factory. In addition, you should know that there is no risk to your dog: dogs have an extremely acidic stomach and a shorter digestive tract than we do. Therefore, bacteria do not have the time or the pH needed to grow.

Lastly, our formulas are complete, balanced by an agronomist-nutritionist to ensure that they meet all the nutritional needs of dogs and cats defined by the AAFCO.

Our kitten and cat recipe is complete, balanced and balanced to provide adequate taurine intake to meet feline needs.

We recommend adding up to ½ cup of warm water to the medallions during the first week of transition to minimize the impact of switching food types on the digestive system and to promote enzyme formation. Adding hot water whitens the outside of the medallion, which helps reduce the bacterial load and makes the transition smoother. In addition, most animals prefer to eat their food at “body” temperature like prey. Adding hot water will raise the medallion’s temperature, giving it a flavour and smell that will whet your pet’s appetite.

When feeding your pet, we recommend washing your hands and any surface, utensil or dish that comes in contact with raw meat, poultry or fish with soap and warm water.

Our SubZero Raw formulas are complete and balanced for all your pet’s life stages. There is no need to add supplements to your pet’s meal to ensure a balanced diet.

We recommend opting for freeze-dried food when you’re away from home. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team for more advice.

SubZero Raw formulas are made in Canada with high-quality, locally sourced, ethically raised and sustainably sourced proteins, fruits and vegetables.

Our SubZero Raw formulas are available at many pet stores across Quebec. Visit our “find a store” to find the location closest to you.