Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy of Mackenzie Pet Food.

Effective as of April 9th 2020

Mackenzie Pet Food (“MPF”) is committed to complying with all requirements of set forth in applicable law, and more particularly the ones governing the collection, use, storage, sharing and destruction of any information about an identifiable individual (“personal information”), and has put in place various measures, practices and guidelines to ensure that the privacy and the confidentiality of any personal information is preserved.

This policy describes how MPF collects, uses, handles, stores, shares, retains and destroys personal information obtained about users when they browse our website (the “Site”) or order our raw pet food products or any other products offered by MPF (the “Products”). MPF is committed to collecting, maintaining and securing personal information in accordance with the provisions set out herein and in compliance with applicable privacy laws.

By using our Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy, and you agree and consent to the collection, use, disclosure and other processing of your personal information as outlined in this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree with the present terms of our Privacy Policy, please stop to navigate on the Website.

What information do we collect ?
MPF will not collect personal information about users unless provided voluntarily or with your express consent.

MPF limits the collection and processing of personal information to what is necessary for the purposes of providing access and use of the Site, providing and delivering the Products, and for other purposes identified by MPF. MPF may collect the following personal information when creating a user account:

Your name;
Your home address;
Your e-mail address;
Your phone number;
Any other personal information voluntarily provided to MPF in the course of ordering or commenting on Products.

Intended Use of Personal Information
Personal information provided will not be used by MPF for other purposes than those for which it was collected without obtaining your consent in accordance with applicable laws. For example, personal information will be used by MPF for the following purposes:

Questions and comments: We may provide opportunities to contact us in order to ask questions or provide comments, ideas, and/or suggestions. When you communicate with us, MPF will have access to any information you communicate or otherwise disclose, such as your name, email address, telephone number and address, as well as any opinion, question, or comment made. Furthermore, if you request a response, we may ask for your name and contact information if it was not already disclosed. Our customer service will thereafter collect the information needed to categorize the communication, to respond to any enquiry, comment or request for information, or to investigate any privacy breach or other problematic situations.

Storage of Personal information
Subject to applicable laws, MPF will store personal information only for the purposes for which it was collected and as long as it is necessary to fulfil such purposes.

Sharing your information
MPF will not share your personal information to unrelated third-parties for their own separate use, unless we have obtained your prior consent.

Information shared to our business partners
When you provide personal information to MPF, it may occasionally be transferred to third parties who act for or on behalf of MPF, or in connection with the business of MPF, for further processing in accordance with the purpose for which the data was originally collected, such as delivery services of the Products, evaluation or technical support.

For instance, such personal information may be accessible to some commercial partners or service providers, in order to collaborate on the implementation of projects or the setting up of programmes. In addition, MPF may enter into business relationships with other companies for promotion purposes.

In those cases, these partners or service providers may also have access to your personal information. MPF requires third-parties, to whom it discloses personal information, to protect it with substantially similar standards to those employed by MPF and to comply with the provisions of this privacy policy.

MPF also requires that these related third-parties do not use your personal information for any separate use that is not specifically authorized.

Information shared to other third parties
Personal information may also be transferred to a potential purchaser or other corporation in connection with a business transaction or corporate reorganization, such as if MPF is to be sold, merged or amalgamated or if substantially all of MPF assets are to be sold or disposed of, the whole to the extent however that such communication is necessary for the purposes of deciding whether to proceed with the sale or other transaction.

Finally, MPF reserves his right to use or disclose personal information if it reasonably believes that such use or disclosure is necessary to protect its rights, to comply with a judicial proceeding, a court order, or a legal process or for any other purpose set forth in the law allowing or requiring the disclosure of personal information.