Raw Food

for over 30 years.

We have been committed to understanding the needs of your dear companions. Years of studying and developing our expertise has led us to believe that natural, raw, unprocessed food is the most suitable dietary option for our dogs and cats. That’s why we created SubZero Raw.

Raw food is still unknown to many dog and cat parents. If you’re wondering what it is, and what its benefits are, you’ve come to the right place. We have useful information that may persuade you to make the switch to raw food, for the greater good of your pet’s wellbeing.

The origins of raw food

By nature, the cat is a strict carnivore and the dog a flexible carnivore. That’s why dogs and cats have mainly consumed raw food for the past 10,000 years. That includes prey and human remains. At the time, humans also had a primarily meaty diet. Over the last 150 years, practicality and financial means have led pet food companies to create dry food, mainly made from cereals.

Dominated by kibble and canned food, the market quickly lowered quality standards to cover only basic nutritional needs. This lets our companions survive, but not thrive.

In recent years, however, consumers and certain pet food manufacturers realized that good nutrition is essential to the health of our loyal friends. Nutrience therefore improved its products to meet this objective.

SubZero Raw’s meat-based diet aims to give a healthy diet back to our companions, one that’s adapted to their true nature. By acting differently and taking into account the real physiological needs of our dogs and cats, we respect the needs they developed over the last thousands of years.

Chien qui court de face dans l'herbe longue

What are the benefits of feeding my pet raw food?

Switching to SubZero Raw food will allow your pet to remain healthy in all aspects of their life, helping them to live longer and remain in better shape.

SubZero Raw food guarantees to deliver the best food on the market for your dog or cat, regardless of age.

Do vets recommend raw food?

This debate is ongoing among pet owners. Many believe that vets and scientists don’t recommend raw food. In fact, they only advise against preparing raw food for your animal yourself, rather than using commercial products that meet strict safety standards. These foods, such as SubZero Raw, are balanced and appropriate for all stages of life.

Each animal has different requirements according to their individual needs, your veterinarian remains your ally in ensuring your pet’s best interests are met.

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Petit chien assis sur son propriétaire et regarde la caméra

Can I feed SubZero Raw food to my puppy or kitten?

Of course! We even recommend it. Their food preferences will form at an early age, meaning they’ll get used to this type of food early on.

SubZero Raw products are balanced, meaning they contain everything your pet needs for all stages of life. Just double the portion for puppies (up to 1 year) and kittens (up to 6 months) to meet all of their needs during this growth period.

We also have a signature product designed for puppies and their needs, all without hormones or antibiotics!

Join the thousands of people who have made the transition, and who are seeing positive changes in their companions every day!

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